‘007 – No Time to Die’ is the longest-running film in the franchise

O new spy film James Bond opens in 20 days in Brazil. Before buying or entering and sitting in an armchair in the cinema, it is important to drink some water or give a passage not ban heiro before. ‘007 – Sem Tempo Para Morrer” is the longest title of the entire franchise of the British agent of MI-6.

The last film by Daniel Craig na pele do espião most famous two cinemas with 163 minutes, or 2 hours and 43 minutes, of duration, second or IndieWire site. Thus, after three hours, place ”Sem Tempo Para Morrer” above any other ”007”. Before him, ‘007 – Contra Specter”, from 2015 and Craig, tinha or title, with 148 minutes, or 2 hours and 28 minutes.

Another important detail is that this is the first of the spy s feature films to be directed by an American filmmaker, with Cary Fukunaga in the role. ”No Time to Die’‘ is the 25th title in the franchise. Producer Barbara Broccoli has been working on the films since 1983 when she started as an assistant director. And he already said that he does not see another actor playing the protagonist.

Daniel Craig has held the role of James Bond since ‘007 – Casino Royale, 2006. From la to where he played or spied on five opportunities. Also, from this date, the list includes ”Quantum of Solace”, ”Operação Skyfall” and ”Contra Specter”. “Daniel levou or personage, a series, you have a place that is extraordinary, so emotionally satisfying that I cannot imagine Bond Depois de Daniel,” disse Broccoli.

Or cast of ‘007 – There is no time to die ”tem ainda Lashana Lynch, who plays Agent Nomi; Léa Seydoux, to psychiatrist Madeleine Swann; Rami Malek, or vilão Safin; Jeffrey Wright, or Agent Felix Leiter; and Ana de Armas, interpreter of Paloma.

The film was initially scheduled for 2019 but needed a director change. Then it suffered the Covid-19 pandemic, so it had to be delayed several times. James Bond tries to rescue a kidnapped scientist and take down a mysterious villain using dangerous technology in the movie.