007 – No Time to Die surpasses US$300 million in worldwide box office, and Venom 2 approaches US$200 million

“Shang-Chi” hits $400 million worldwide, and Disney hits $2 billion global revenue in 2021.

The highlights of the last weekend are still “007 – No Time to Die” and “Venom: Time for Carnage.” After its international premiere, Daniel Craig’s latest James Bond film hit US theaters, earning a modest opening at the $56 million domestic box office (via Box Office Mojo ). The amount ends up being less than expected, but it still appears a success in pandemic times.

The film had already premiered in other territories, including Brazil and the United Kingdom, and in total, had 66 markets last weekend, raising another US$ 89.5 million, for an international amount of US$ 257.2 million. In all, the film is already at the US$313.3 million mark globally and is due for release in China on October 29th.

The other highlight of the weekend is the sequel to “Venom,” which continues to set records during the pandemic. After its $90 million domestic openings, the film tied with “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” for the fastest production spot to hit $100 million in five days. “Venom 2”, however, achieved the feat without a holiday, as was the case with “Shang-Chi,” and reached the mark a day before its predecessor, in 2018. At the end of this Monday (11), the sequel is expected to hit the $146.5 million mark at the domestic box office, nearly 2 million more than the original earned in 11 days.

Debuting in 13 international markets, “Tempo de Carnificina” prospered mainly in Latin America, which accounted for US$20 million of the new US$24.8 million earned. The amount marks the biggest opening of the pandemic era in the region, which was also the case specifically in Brazil, which recorded around R$ 3 million for the film in the first weekend. In total, “Venom 2” has $43.9 million international box office and $185.5 million globally.

Coming into its fourth week of airing in international territories, “Duna” hits the US$ 117.1 million mark. Denis Villeneuve’s film opens on October 22nd in theaters and on HBO Max in the United States, arriving on the same day in China and the day before in theaters in Brazil.

In its sixth week on display, “Shang-Chi” surpassed the $400 million mark globally, in a division of $212.4 million domestically and $189.1 million internationally. This weekend, Disney captured the $2 billion mark in global box office receipts in 2021.

This weekend will feature the premieres of “Halloween Kills” and “The Last Duel,” both R-Rated productions that should boast modest box office. Michael Myers’ new film will be released simultaneously in theaters and Peacock streaming, while Ridley Scott’s feature will be shown exclusively in theaters in the 45-day window.