18 thousand dollars for a song?: YouTube and its system to license music for videos

Content creators in the United States can license music, but the prices can be quite high.


YouTube began rolling out a system this February that will allow content creators to license music to use in their videos .

The system, for now only available in the United States , seems to solve a big problem on the platform. However, the costs can be incredibly high.

18 thousand dollars for a song

The licensing system allows creators to choose songs, which range from free to highly expensive. The number of subscribers also plays an important role.

Daniel Sulzbach noticed the price difference. The song “Seguimos laborando” by Grupo 360 cost $149.99 if you wanted to use it on your main channel with 760,000 subscribers. Instead, his gaming channel with around 7,000 subscribers was free to use, he told Insider .

Another case is that of “Feel It Too” by Cadnium and Timmy Commerford. For David Altizer with 7 subscribers, he was going for $1,000.99, while Justin Watkins, with 8.9 million subscribers, had to pay $18,014.99. All this for a two-year license, which would then have to be renewed.

If the author of the song approves it, you can also opt for a system to share the income obtained on YouTube via Adsense. Some songs ask for up to 55% of revenue, Insider said .