When the Walt Disney Company bought 20th Century Fox , it stated that one of the main reasons.


This move was the increase in production of projects destined for the company’s streaming services.

In these first months, the studio 20th Century Studios have already launched the thriller No Exit and Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures on the platforms , in the coming months: the remake Another Unleashed Dozen , the animated film of A Night at the museum, Rosaline, Prey and The Princess . And in the halls? Bob’s Burgers – The Movie and Avatar 2 .

Unlike in recent months, where we have seen the distribution of a fair number of titles in theaters such as West Side Story and The King’s Man , about 80% of the productions will be destined for platforms ( Disney +, Hulu and Star ), while only one handful of titles will be shown in theaters. Considering the sequels to Avatar , the number decreases further.

From cinema to streaming

Steve Asbell , president of 20th Century Studios , explained:

“We continue to make commercial films for a global audience; we remain what we have always tried to be, that is, a work environment that supports talent; but thanks to this increase in production for streaming, with the exception of a few titles, all of our films will be launched on Hulu nationally, Star + [and Disney + ] internationally, which allows us to produce the genres we love , genres that Disney doesn’t do in the other divisions, and that we haven’t been able to work with that much in recent years. Comedy, thriller, young adult, horror. We have more opportunities and we can bet more on new talents. ”

He then added that the new productions will be a mix of original films and remakes:

“It’s a mix. In order to reach the volume we’re contemplating – which is, by 2023, more than 10 streaming-only movies – it will be a combination of originals in these genres. And best of all for fans is that there will be bold reinterpretations of Fox’s best-loved properties. Great creative variations can be made – which you will see with Prey , which we will launch this summer. A Predator film set in the Great Plains in 1719 by Dan Trachtenberg . This is what we will be able to do ”.

What’s coming to theaters?

Two or three films a year, mostly of established IPs for the moment:

“It proceeds as in the other divisions, two or three films in theaters a year. We are navigating the market like everyone else. There are films like Avatar , Planet of the Apes and now Free Guy that have established theatrical precedents for a large audience. ”

In the future, the decision will not be linked to the IP but will be taken film by film, for that limited number of films:

“At the moment. We will evaluate these decisions film by film, and by looking at the market as it is and making the predictions that can be made. We have original films in development that we haven’t announced yet, and we’ll do what feels right for that number of films per year. The beauty of it all is that we have both. We have this explosive new streaming mandate to pursue, but we also have titles that we can make [for theatrical]. We have more Avatar movies coming up, we have more Free Guy movies coming up. We will be very busy. “

Updates in a nutshell

– Avatar 2 remains confirmed for this year.
-Both Ridley Scott and James Mangold have confirmed their contracts with the studio.
– They currently have no plans to create interconnected films and TV series.
– Free Guy 2 , the script is ready.
-The new Planet of the Apes is in the works.