23 million people downloaded Pokémon GO again so far in 2022

In just eight months of the year, Pokémon GO has accumulated a large number of downloads that also translates into a strong amount of income.


Pokémon GO , one ofNiantic, has registered more than 23 million downloads in the first eight months of this year, which represents a total of 430.6 million dollars generated in that period.

The Niantic Labs development studio launched this augmented reality game for mobile phones in 2016. Free to play, this title has become one of the most downloaded by the community of fans of the original RPG video game.

A strong community despite time

The success of this video game for smartphones was clear from the start since, according to SafeBettingSites , just one week after its launch, it had already been downloaded more than 10 million times around the world.

Based on data compiled by Statista and App Magic, this medium has pointed out that “although the initial madness of Pokémon GO has slowly faded”, the game still enjoys millions of active users around the world who, in turn, have spent money on purchases within the title over the years.

Thus, the records of both platforms indicate that 2020 was the record year for annual revenue, the year in which users spent $915.2 million on in-app purchases (such as Pokéballs and other items).

In contrast, last year Pokémon GO reported 887.5 million dollars in revenue (more than 906 million euros), that is, 3 percent less than the previous year. However, in the first eight months of 2022, the video game has generated some 430.6 million dollars and has been downloaded more than 23 million times in this period alone.

Regarding revenue by region, SafeBettingSites indicates that, although the game is very popular in Asia, the data offered by Statista places America as the most profitable market.

Thus, in the last six years, players in this region spent 1,860 million in purchases within the app, compared to 1,840 million dollars in the market corresponding to Asia-Pacific and 792 million dollars in Europe, the Middle East and Africa . (EuropePress)