23,000-year-old footprint find rewrites the human history of America

Human footprints found in New Mexico ( United States ) could be proof of the earliest human presence on the American continent.

23,000-year-old human footprints discovered in the southwestern United States suggest that settlements in North America predate the end of the ice age, which is supposed to have allowed this migration, according to a study published Thursday.

These tracks were left on the shore of a lake that is now dry and where there is now a desert in New Mexico, within White Sands National Park.

Over time, sediments covered the tracks and protected them until erosion uncovered them to the great delight of scientists.

“Many footprints appear to be teenagers and children. The footprintslarger, adult, are less frequent, “wrote the authors in the study published in the American journal Science.

Footprints of prehistoric animals, mammoths and wolves were also identified. Some, such as those of giant sloths, are even contemporary and close to those of humans on the shore of the lake.