A 7-year-old girl is the only female YouTuber in the top 10 highest paid in 2021

Mr. Beast topped YouTube ‘s highest paid list last year.


Seven  -year-old youtuber Anastasia Radzinskaya , star of the Like Nastya channel , is the sixth highest-earning person of 2021 on Google ‘s video platform , in a list in which the other nine highest-paid youtubers were all men, and which leads MrBeast .

Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his MrBeast YouTube account , is the content creator who has obtained the highest income from the platform during the past year 2021, with 54 million dollars, as reported by Forbes magazine , which has published its top 10 highest paid youtubers of 2021.

Donalson thus succeeds ten-year-old Ryan Kaji , first in the last ranking that had been drawn up and also in 2019 . Koji , which conducts toy reviews, was the top earning channel in 2020 with $29 million and falls to seventh place on this list with $27 million.

Koji is just behind another children’s channel, that of the seven-year-old girl Anastasia Radzinskaya, known for her channel Like Nastya , which has been placed in sixth position, with 87.5 million subscribers.

Radzinskaya , who migrated from Russia to the United States with her parents, was already present on the Forbes list of 2019 and 2020. In the first year she managed to raise 18 million dollars and place herself in the third position in the ranking, compared to 18, 5 million dollars of 2020.

Among the rest of the highest paid youtubers on the platform, in second position is the channel of boxer Jake Paul , who returns to the list of highest paid after 2018 with 45 million dollars raised.

At the end of 2017, a video in which Paul and his brother Logan visited a forest in Japan known to be the site of suicides lowered his popularity.

They are followed by Markiplier, in third position with 38 million dollars, ahead of the Rhett and Link channel , fourth, and Unspeakable , fifth. The top 10 is closed by the challenges of Dude Perfect (eighth) and the channels of Logan Paul (ninth) and Preston Arsement (tenth).

The sum of the ten channels managed to exceed 300 million dollars in revenue in 2021, which is 40% more than in 2020, thanks above all to the growth in views of their videos (Europa Press) .

The 10 highest paid youtubers of 2021

  • Mr Beast: $54 million
  • Jake Paul: $45 million
  • Markiplier: $38 million
  • Rhett and Link: $30 million
  • Unspeakable: $28.5 million
  • Nastya: $28 million
  • Ryan Kaji: $27 million
  • Dude Perfect: $20 million
  • Logan Paul: $18 million
  • Preston Arsement: $16 million