A Google Maps car ‘ran over’ a motorist in the middle of collecting images

The image was discovered by a Spanish streamer. In it you can see the Google Maps car  and a subject falling loudly from the motorcycle behind.


A Twitch clip has gone around the world for revealing an unexpected situation: a Google Maps car , which records all the streets to be able to provide images later in the browser, ran over a motorist.

Or that is what is implied in the image captured by the Spanish Pol Turrents, also known as Polispol , who was only playing GeoGuessr .

Run over or a bad camera angle?

There is a big trend of streamers playing GeoGuessr , an online title that gives you a picture of the world and in which the player must guess which city it belongs to.

In these images, Polispol was verifying the image by guessing and was surprised that a motorist had just been hit: he was behind the Google Maps car.

The exact place of the events is in Senegal. The coordinates were shared by the influencer himself:

In search of outrages

The clip has kicked off a new trend: finding Google Maps accidents in images.

Meters later, the streamer, for example, found a motorcyclist accompanied by a goat on the road.