A strange and giant pink cloud surprised the inhabitants of a city in Turkey

The strange cloud was seen in Bursa, a province of Turkey . Its UFO shape captured (and frightened) the attention of the inhabitants.


A huge pink cloud in the shape of a flying saucer terrified thousands of residents of Bursa, a province in northwestern Turkey .

As can be seen in different shots on social networks, the cloud is seen floating over the city on January 19, causing surprise among its viewers.

fear of the unknown

Several social media users pointed out that the cloud resembles a UFO due to its saucer shape and bright reddish color.

Others expressed skepticism about the photos circulating online, with some asking if it was a hoax.

“Feels like a UFO, nature is really amazing,” one user noted.

Why was this cloud like this?

Meteorologists identified this phenomenon as lenticular clouds , an event said to be common in places with high mountains. Precisely, Bursa is located in the foothills of Mount Uludag.

According to NASA , “Lenticulars form when strong winds blow across complex terrain, causing water vapor in the air mass to alternately compress, then decompress, and thereby condense into forms that roughly reflect the ground below.”

It’s not the first time lenticular clouds have gone viral online.

In February 2020, a saucer-shaped cloud was seen in Weed, California, similar to the one in Bursa. Weed is located just outside of Mount Shasta, which could explain why the cloud was seen in the city.