Accidents involving virtual reality headsets have increased dramatically

Not only televisions are victims of accidents related to virtual reality .

Virtual reality is gradually gaining space and causing great expectation for its future, a clear example is the change of name from Facebook to Meta to denote its interest in the metaverse. However, it causes peculiar problems in the real world.

Immersion with virtual reality (VR) headsets has caused insurance claims related to these devices to increase.

As assured by the British insurer Aviva to The Guardian , these rose by 68% compared to 2016.

“In the past we have seen similar trends involving consoles with handsets , fitness games and even ‘wild’ fidget spinners,” explained Kelly Whittington, representative of the insurance company to the British media.

Curious cases with VR headsets

One of the cases reported to the insurer was of a person who threw their controller at the television after a zombie appeared during a game. Logically, he broke the screen.

In another case, a child broke two expensive ornaments after the game asked him to “slide” his hands.

These cases were accepted by the insurer, since the clients had “accidental damage” policies.

On Reddit , the r/VRtoER section shows several accidents of people very immersed in virtual reality.