Acer’s National Geographic laptop is different

With recycled supplies  and easier to repair, something increasingly rare in 2022.


Acer is already anticipating CES 2022 with some announcements. One of the most outstanding is that of his laptop made in association with National Geographic.

This is the Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition , a model that evokes designs inspired by planet Earth.

Sustainable, upgradeable and repairable

The chassis of the laptop is made of 30% post-consumer plastic (PCR). This material is also used 50% in its keys.

Acer’s proposal differentiates itself amid more and more laptops with soldered components. The laptop uses standard Philips screws, so it can be easily opened.

Both the RAM and solid state drive (SSD) can be easily replaced.

Availability and prices

The Acer Aspire Vero National Geographic Edition will arrive first in China in January starting at 5,499 yuan (about US $ 865 at the exchange rate. It will arrive in France in March, where it will be sold starting at 899 euros.

Acer indicates that it will also be sold in several countries in Asia Pacific, but no further details have been provided.