Actor Wiliam Shatner fulfills his dream and travels to space with Blue Origin

Blue Origin’s second manned mission was a success. Four new astronauts have been inducted.

This Wednesday, October 13, William Shatner fulfilled his dream and became an astronaut by successfully flying with 3 NS-18 mission members in the New Shepard capsule of Blue Origin .

The famous Captain Kirk from Star Trek traveled with Audrey Powers, Vice President of Blue Origin, Chris Boshuizen, co-founder of the satellite imagery company Planet; and Glen De Vries, executive of the French corporation of sanitary software Dassault Systèmes in the second manned mission of the company of Jeff Bezos.

Shatner’s flight

After a delay of nearly 50 minutes, the New Shepard rocket lifted off from West Texas.

At 72 kilometers altitude, the booster rocket separated from the capsule and returned to the desert, landing perfectly after starting its engines for its vertical arrival.

On the other hand, the passengers of the NS-18 continued their course to 107 kilometers of altitude, from where they experienced microgravity and observed the universe as they have never done before.

After 10 minutes, they returned to Earth with a landing cushioned by parachutes.

The famous Captain Kirk from Star Trek arrived safely, but he was in awe of the images seen in space.

“Am I dead?” He said in great amazement as he emerged from the capsule and was greeted by Jeff Bezos, the founder of the company.