Fresh off the well-deserved success of Scissione , Adam Scott has just been cast in Madame Web , which is currently filming in Boston.


We do not know what role he will play, but in the meantime Just Jared allows us to see him for the first time on the set of the cinecomic.

The photos provide no clue about his character, and on the other hand the film itself is quite mysterious. It seems that Dakota Johnson will lend her face to Julia Carpenter , the second Madame Web (and second Spider Woman ) of the comics, but there is no confirmation. In addition, it is possible that other important characters will appear in the film: it speaks for example of Felicia Hardy , aka Black Cat , which many fans speculate to be the role of Sydney Sweeney .

Obviously the film is part of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe , so it may contain references to Venom and / or Morbius . The chapters of this narrative universe have not really shone for the connections between them, but we’ll see.

I remind you that the American release has been postponed to October 6, 2023 . You can see the photos below.

Adam Scott pictured from the set

Madame Web

Created by Denny O’Neil (story) and John Romita Jr (art) in The Amazing Spider-Man # 210, Cassandra Web is a medium with a variety of mental powers, including clairvoyance, foresight and astral bilocation. She is blind and suffers from myasthenia gravis, a neuromuscular disease characterized by fatigue and muscle weakness: for this reason, she is connected to a life support system that resembles a spider’s web. In the comics she collaborated frequently with Spider-Man , and was the leader of the Spider-Woman group .

The cast

The cast includes Dakota Johnson , Sydney Sweeney , Celeste O’Connor , Isabela Merced , Tahar Rahim , Emma Roberts , Mike Epps and Adam Scott .

The direction

The direction was entrusted to SJ Clarkson , one of the most famous directors of the small screen: she has directed various episodes of EastEnders, Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Life on Mars, Dexter, Collateral, Anatomy of a scandal and many other series.

The script

The Madame Web screenplay is the work of Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless , Lost in Space showrunner and Morbius screenwriters .