Was there any doubt that a film like Cocainorso would have spawned a series of imitators centered on animals in the throes of cocaine?


No, they were not there. Here comes the first of what we hope will be a long series of films made with scarcity of means and inadequacy in all fundamental fields: Cocaine Shark !

It was inevitable that we would start with a shark, by now the most popular animal in the universe of low-budget films inaugurated by studios such as The Asylum. But in Cocaine Shark there is not only ONE shark, and above all there are not only sharks. In the film, a drug lord spreads on the streets a new substance called HT25, which is highly addictive in those who take it, derived from sharks kept segregated in a laboratory. However, HT25 has monstrous side effects and, after an explosion at the laboratory, an army of sharks and other animals are released. It will be up to a small group of people to stop him.

Written by Bret McCormick ( The Abomination, Repligator ) and directed by Mark Polonia , director of Land Shark, Virus Shark, Jurassic Shark 2 and Sharkula , in short, someone who knows about sharks, Cocaine Shark is played by Ken VanSant ( Queen Crab, Jurassic Prey ) and Titus Himmelberger ( Amityville in Space, Sharkula ). The film will arrive directly to digital and DVD, obviously in America, on July 7, distributed by Wild Eye Releasing.