Against Google and Microsoft? Zoom is developing an email and calendar app

‘ Zmail  and Zcal’ are reportedly a reality and could be revealed as soon as November by Zoom .


Zoom has become one of the most important applications in the era amid the pandemic. It helped telework and remote education and now, it can help written and day-to-day communication.

According to The Information , Zoomis working on two new apps dedicated to email and calendars.

Zoom against Google?

Zoom is working on two apps internally called Zmail and Zcal, each one dedicated to each of the functions.

The Information suggests that the company may view the apps as essential to its survival. At first glance, Zoom is doing better than most of the pandemic favorites, having recently posted $1.1 billion in quarterly revenue.

But underneath those results, the company has seen slow growth and its stock price has fallen to pre-pandemic levels as offices return to in-person.

One major weakness of Zoom is that many companies use the app in conjunction with Workspace and Office 365. Those are comprehensive suites that can cover most of a company’s productivity needs.

When could you show up?

Zoom annually holds a conference called Zoomtopia in November, which could be the precise date for the reveal of this new content.

It’s hard to see how email and calendar clients help Zoom beat its competitors when Google and Microsoft have spent years polishing Gmail and Outlook and those products dominate the market.