On 14 and 15 March, Akira , the blockbuster film directed by one of the undisputed masters of Japanese animation and comics


It returns to the big screen once again, thirty-five years after its first theatrical release .

The UCI Circuit has thought of a special gift for spectators who will purchase tickets online to attend the screenings scheduled in the UCI Cinemas : the film’s special card, a reproduction of the iconic pass used by the protagonists, an unmissable gadget for all true lovers of Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s masterpiece.

On March 14, the anime will be screened in the original language with Italian subtitles, while on March 15, fans of this piece of cinema history will be able to retrace the story of Kaneda with an Italian dubbing faithful to the original.

Both screenings will offer fans the wonderful opportunity to see this masterpiece in a new light, in the new 4k version. An appointment not to be missed with the Season of Anime at the Cinema, distributed by Nexo Digital in collaboration with Dynit, which brings back a milestone in the history of animation capable of fusing elements of 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Warriors, Blade Runner and Forbidden Planet. Listed by Empire Magazine among the 100 best foreign language films in the history of cinema and by Wired among the 30 best science fiction films of all time together with Blade Runner, Gattaca and The Matrix, the anime is based on the homonymous manga by Ôtomo , who directed and took care of the elaboration of the layout to the corrections of the key drawings, until in 1988 the film, with the memorable soundtrack by Shoji Yamashiro, finally arrived in theaters winning millions of fans all over the world. world.

Akira will be screened on March 14 in the original language (with Italian subtitles) and on March 15 dubbed in Italian in all the multiplexes of the Circuit: UCI Bicocca (MI), UCI Luxe Campi Bisenzio (FI), UCI Casoria (NA), UCI Montano Lucino, UCI Firenze (FI), UCI Fiumara (GE), UCI Lissone (MB), UCI Cinepolis Marcianise (CE), UCI Luxe Marcon (VE), UCI Molfetta (BA), UCI Moncalieri (TO), UCI Orio (BG), UCI Parco Leonardo (RM), UCI Porta di Roma (RM), UCI Reggio Emilia (RE), UCI Romagna Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), UCI RomaEst (RM), UCI Turin Lingotto (TO), UCI Verona (VR), UCI Curno (BG), UCI Ferrara (FR), UCI Fiume Veneto (PN), UCI MilanoFiori (MI), UCI Perugia (PG), UCI Piacenza (PC), UCI Sinalunga (SI), UCI Alessandria ( AL), UCI Arezzo (AR), UCI Showville Bari (BA), UCI Bolzano (BZ), UCI Cinemas Meridiana Bologna (BO), UCI Catania (CT),UCI Certosa (MI), UCI Megalò (CH), UCI Seven Gioia del Colle (BA), UCI RedCarpet Matera (MT), UCI Luxe Maximo (RM), UCI Palermo (PA), UCI Pioltello (MI), UCI Luxe Palladio (VI) and UCI Villesse (GO).

Tokyo, July 16, 1988. It is the place where the government is secretly experimenting on children with particular extrasensory perceptions. The experiment gets out of hand and forces the government to secretly authorize the launch of an atomic bomb on the city of Tokyo. In the years following the global holocaust, the city of Tokyo was rebuilt into a huge megacity called Neo-Tokyo. It’s already been 31 years since then and unbeknownst to everyone, except a very few, the psychological experiment continues. A motorcycle gang, led by Kaneda, is heading towards the suburbs of Neo-Tokyo looking for trouble, when they accidentally stumble upon a political intrigue where the government takes actions that border on science fiction. Tetsuo, one of the gang members is injured in an accident caused by an experiment and surprisingly drafted into the army. Kaneda goes in search of his missing friend. His odyssey through the depths of Neo-Tokyo brings him into contact with revolutionaries, secret police and the mystery of Akira. The end result brings us a glimmer of hope for the future of all humanity. But this possibility will not be given to us except at a high price…