The Mummy , the 2017 film starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella , was supposed to be the first chapter of the Dark Universe , but as we know it was also the only one.


Director Alex Kurtzman recently talked about this experience with The Playlist , bluntly calling it a failure:

I agree with those who say that you do not learn from successes, it is the failures that can give you great lessons. That was most likely the biggest failure of my life, both professionally and personally.

Learn from your mistakes

Nonetheless, Kurtzman also admitted that he was grateful for the opportunity that was offered to him, because it allowed him to mature as a director:

There are so many things I regret but I have also received wonderful gifts. Before that film I had never been a director and I only became one when I finished it. Because it wasn’t well directed, it was badly directed. […] I am very grateful for these mistakes, because they have allowed me to become a stronger person, as well as a director with clearer ideas. […] Now I am much clearer when I realize that something is wrong, I am no longer silent. […] You cannot reach such a level of gratitude without having such an experience.