Le Pupille , written and directed by Alice Rohrwacher , will be released on Disney+ starting December 16, 2022.


The short film, shot in Super 16 and 35mm film, was presented at major international festivals including Cannes 75, Telluride, Toronto and Il Cinema Ritrovato from Bologna.

An important reception for “Le Pupille” was also reserved in the United States, where Rohrwacher has just concluded a promotional tour together with his historic producer Carlo Cresto-Dina.

In the cast we find Alba Rohrwacher, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Melissa Falasconi, Carmen Pommella, Greta Zuccheri Montanari, Luciano Vergaro known as ‘Catirre’ and Tatiana Lepore .

Five-time Academy Award winner Alfonso Cuarón co-produced the short in collaboration with Esperanto Filmoj and his longtime Oscar-nominated collaborator Gabriela Rodriguez, together with Carlo Cresto-Dina for tempest , producing all Alice Rohrwacher’s films. The Disney short was funded by the Disney Branded Television division.

Rohrwacher says:

When Alfonso Cuarón asked me if I wanted to make a small film about Christmas parties, the image of a big red cake immediately came to my mind: the cake was on a table, and many pupils were looking at it fascinated. That image had emerged in my memory from a story I had read many years earlier: it was found in a letter that the writer Elsa Morante sent to her friend Goffredo Fofi to wish him a Merry Christmas. The splendid letter recounted the fate of an English soup that had happened in a religious boarding school during the holidays, a long time ago.

Imagining the intertwined destinies in that boarding school, the approach of Christmas in the thoughts and gestures of the little orphan girls left alone with four nuns, during a time of famine and war, the film “le Pupille” was born. A film about pure desires and interested ones, about freedom and devotion, about the anarchy that can flourish in everyone’s mind within the rigid boarding school. Obedient girls can’t move, but their pupils can dance the wild dance of freedom.