Fede Álvarez , director of the remake of The House and Man in the Dark , as well as producer of the recent Don’t Open That Door , will direct a new film in the Alien saga for Hulu.


Ridley Scott will produce on his Scott Free. The film is part of the Disney project to reserve only two or three 20th Century Studios films per year for theaters, distributing the rest on Hulu and Disney +.

FX and Hulu are also developing an Alien series created by Fargo and Legion author Noah Hawley . The two projects would seem completely unrelated, as Álvarez’s film is described as a story in its own right, born from a pitch made by the director himself to Ridley Scott years ago. The latter never forgot Álvarez’s idea and finally called him last year to ask if he would like to work there.

20th Century Studios gave the green light to the project “based purely on the strength of Faith’s pitch,” as president Steve Asbell said . “It’s just a great story with a bunch of characters you’ve never seen before.” Asbell added that the streaming release will allow the film to avoid the pressures derived from high budgets, or the need to please different audiences, to return to a science fiction idea more similar to the original. The new Alien will therefore be “closer to the roots of the genre” and “authentically himself”. Expect to see it on Disney + Star from us.