AliExpress trolls a customer who complained about receiving a keychain she bought after almost 6 years

An order placed in May 2017 just arrived to a user and AliExpress took it with humor.


Is it cheaper on AliExpress ? In many cases it is so. However, you have to wait.

In this case, a customer waited almost 6 years to receive her product. “I just got a keychain from AliExpress that I ordered on May 1, 2017,” one user wrote on Twitter .

The woman uploaded a screenshot of a Draco Malfoy keychain, a  Harry Potter character, which cost her 1.57 euros and the date of purchase: May 1, 2017.

AliExpress trolley

The funny thing is that AliExpress responded and not apologizing, but trolling the client.

“Patience is the mother of all sciences, Laura,” the Aliexpress Spain account tweeted .

And it shouldn’t surprise us. AliExpress Spain ‘s presence on social networks is characterized by its humor, something that is also noticeable in the publications on its TikTok account.