It’s a great moment for Netflix  productions : after That Infinite Night.


The online platform also announces the date of Alma , the supernatural series that will debut on August 19th .

The video of the announcement shows a group of friends playing spin the bottle, but during the tour we see their faces become bruised and swollen. The plot will revolve around the eponymous protagonist, who wakes up after a bus accident in which almost all of his classmates died: without memory and tormented by frightening visions, Alma will have to discover the mysteries surrounding the accident.

The series was created by Sergio G. Sánchez , screenwriter of The Orphanage, The Impossible and Marrowbone . It will consist of 10 episodes, and will be released in some territories with the title The Girl in the Mirror .

You will find the video below.

The announcement

The official synopsis

After surviving a bus accident in which nearly all of her classmates die, Alma wakes up in the hospital with no memory of the accident… or her past. Her home is overflowing with memories that don’t belong to her, while her amnesia and trauma cause her night terrors and visions she can’t explain. With the help of her parents and friends who are now complete strangers to her, she will try to uncover the mysteries surrounding the accident and fight to regain her identity and her life.

The cast

The cast includes Mireia Oriol, Álex Villazán, Pol Monen, Claudia Roset, Javier Morgade, Nil Cardoner, María Caballero, Milena Smit, Elena Irureta, Marta Belaustegui, Josean Bengoetxea, Kándido Uranga, Katia R. Borlado, Ximena Vera, Celia Sastre, Laura Ubach, Javier Gallardo, Raúl Tejón, Alejandro Serrano, Isabel Marcos, Sheyla Deulofeu, Alan García Perico, Pancho Martínez Deulofeu and Fenia Garcés Perico .

The direction

The direction is handled by Sergio G. Sánchez himself and by Kike Maíllo .