Amazon begins its drone delivery trials in the US

Amazon ‘s first drone trials have begun in California and Texas


Amazon has officially started its drone delivery trialsin California and Texas, United States.

In the first delivery made by the drones , a small box was carried on a strap. The service will be called Prime Air and hopes to revolutionize the market with  its gradual implementation throughout the United States.

Amazon and its Prime Air

Who was proud of this advance is David Carbon, vice president of Prime Air Amazon . He revealed the photo of the drone on his LinkedIn account.

“First deliveries from our new sites in Texas and California,” Carbon wrote in his post. “I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing people that make up Prime Air . These are careful first steps that we will turn into big leaps for our customers in the years to come.”

For Carbon, “Customers are our obsession, safety is our imperative, the future of delivery is our mandate, technology is unlocking that future, and our people are the foundation on which it all stands.”

This service has been planned since 2013, but investigations by regulators, who want to be convinced that the service is safe and reliable , have delayed its operation.

Drone delivery: The future?

Amazon isn’t the only service testing this delivery mechanism. Another tech giant, Alphabet (Google’s parent), is looking to do the same thing with Wing.

Select customers can use a smartphone app to order small items online in the usual way. A drone is then loaded and shipped to the customer’s address. Upon arrival, the ordered product is lowered to the ground using an extendable strap.

The use of drones can help speed up delivery services, especially in urban areas where road traffic can slow things down. Electric flying machines can also help reduce carbon emissions.