Amazon is working on its own smart refrigerator

According to reports, this smart refrigerator would know what is inside and regulate itself accordingly.

Amazon is working on its ownsmart refrigerator .

According to an Insider report , Amazon is promoting the “Pulse” project, with a smart device capable of recognizing internal inventory.

According to the medium, this refrigerator will also be able to track shopping habits and try to predict what its owner wants.

Likewise, you will also be able to know expiration dates, suggest recipes based on the products you have and even order more food in company stores .

Years project

Amazon has been working on this smart refrigerator for more than two years , the report says.

The project is led by Gopi Prashanth, “a director of informatics and artificial intelligence.”

At the moment there are no dates or prices on the product, but it is expected that, if it comes out, it will be manufactured with other companies.

” We do not comment on rumors or speculation , ” said a spokesman for Amazon to The Verge .