Amazon no longer allows you to purchase books from the Kindle app on Android

Amazon decided to remove the ability to purchase digital books from the Kindle for Android app.


Amazon has decided to apply a measure that could have a worrying impact on Android users who, with just one click, could already buy books from the Kindle app for phones. The company announced that, as of June 1, whoever wants to purchase a digital book from a phone under this operating system must opt ​​for other ways.

This decision is due to a percentage applied to each purchase through Google services , which is set at 15% for each item purchased from the Kindle app on Android. To “skip” this tax, Amazon decided to block purchases from that system.

Now, Amazon requires that users go to the Kindle website and, from there, they can purchase the books they want, without having to go to the app to download.

Google Play Store and taxes

In 2020, Google mandated that businesses adopt Google Play’s in-app billing system, a policy that consolidates payment for subscriptions and services through Google ‘s systems within Android .

This decision at Amazon affects other company services, such as Audible and Amazon Music, as well as the withdrawal of payment from the Prime Video app . This change, reflected in version 8.58 of the Kindle app on Android , comes just before Google implements new measures against apps that do not comply with Play Store guidelines.

A few months ago, Apple decided to eliminate the option to rent or buy movies from the Android TV app , in addition to canceling the subscription payment for Apple TV + from the same device, in response to the rate imposed by Google for transactions through its services.