Amazon prepares its arrival in augmented reality with a new gadget

A job offer at Amazon is looking for specialists in extended reality for the development of environments and devices.


Amazon has been slow to go with augmented reality, after successfully testing the system to “see” your purchase at home using your phone’s camera. Now, the e-commerce giant is looking for specialists in the emerging segment of extended reality – the one that combines augmented and virtual – to create a team that will lead to its arrival in this field.

According to Protocol , Amazon is looking for an extended reality specialist to develop research for mass-use products and a UX designer to “work on the core interface of the system alongside end-user applications, ranging from multimodal interfaces to user experiences.” of 3D AR entertainment”. This has been exposed in job listings published by the same company.

“This position requires monthly travel to San Francisco, but may be based in Seattle, SF Bay, San Diego, Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, Denver, or Arlington, VA. You must have the flexibility to work from home most of the week .

For this new team, according to the note, Amazon intends to recruit staff with experience in creating deeply technical products within robotics, AI, machine learning, games and others.

Amazon: a step behind Meta and other competitors

Several companies are taking the lead on this issue, in the face of this attempt by Amazon to initiate research in this field. Meta, the parent company of Facebook, wants to become the standard-bearer of the “metaverse”, a space for interaction that takes advantage of the benefits of extended reality to develop collaborative or entertainment spaces in the future.

Companies like Sandbox or Decentraland, far from large technology groups, have gained acceptance among enthusiasts of crypto transactions and NFTs.

As part of this new strategy within the company founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon appointed Kharis O’Connell as director of a project approved in March dedicated to “helping Amazon experience what it’s like to live in the future, from today.” O’Connell has already been part of AR teams at Google, so we’re talking about someone with industry experience.