Amazon presents Astro, its multipurpose robot for the home

The  Astro robot will help you with household chores and comes with a nice screen that works as a face.

The robots  are becoming increasingly everyday and technology companies are working in this industry. Amazon , for example, has presented Astro, its device that will help you at home and will even express your emotions.

Astro can move freely around your house and, thanks to artificial intelligence, recognize each member of the family. In addition, you can express yourself as if you are excited about each event.

What does Astro work for?

Astro autonomously monitors the entire home and will do basic functions such as warning if electrical equipment such as the stove is on. What’s more, it can even tell you if you are missing an ingredient for lunch that you want to cook.

With Alexa Guard, Astro recognizes sounds to discriminate if there is an emergency such as someone breaking a window or if the smoke alarm is about to go off.

It also works for patrolling, checking every corner of the house and recording it in the cloud.

Since it  works with Alexa , it works with voice commands.

The robot has been built with various security features and privacy layers in order to keep user data safe. Both your audio and video can be turned off with the touch of a button.

Astro price and availability

Astro will arrive at an introductory price of $ 1,000 with a six-month trial of Ring Protector Pro for home monitoring. After this stage, it will cost $ 1,500.