Amazon Prime Video: How to cancel a subscription?

Learn in the following note how to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription .


Amazon Prime is a very popular platform that many users actively use to watch movies, Amazon original series and documentaries, like all subscriptions.

There will be times when for some reason you want to unsubscribe, either for financial reasons, or because the platform was not attractive enough. Learning to disable it correctly will ensure that no charges are made to the bank account.

Deactivating the Amazon Prime account is a simple procedure that we will briefly explain below.

Canceling Amazon Prime Video the easy way

  • Sign in to the Amazon platform.
  • The Accounts and Lists option is located at the top of the platform.
  • Click on it, a floating menu will appear with the option My Amazon Prime Subscription.
  • Clicking it will take you to a set up Amazon Prime account window.
  • And as a last option to finish my account.

Additional data

Amazon will try to convince you not to proceed with your cancellation by offering you benefits and discounts on your subscription, in this way it would be able to extend the commercial link.

  • To skip the aforementioned window, click on the finish my benefits button. For the second time , Amazon Prime will ask you to change your membership.
  • If you wish to continue with the process of disaffiliation from the platform, press finish and in this way, your subscription is officially eliminated.

Important fact

Before making this decision to cancel your service, Amazon will give you partial or full refund options depending on the use you made on the platform.