Amazon requests permits to send internet satellites into space in 2022

The Kuiper project hopes to launch its first satellites next year in order to start competing against SpaceX’s Starlink.

The e-commerce giant Amazon  asked the United States government for permission on Monday to send two high-speed internet provider satellites into space in 2022, one of the company’s future bets.

In an entry on the corporate blog , the Seattle firm (Washington state, USA) reported that this morning it submitted the request to the Federal Communications Commission, the agency in charge of regulating communications by radio, television, cable and satellite of the country.

“These satellites will allow us to test the communication and network technology that we will use in our final design, and will help us validate launch operations and mission management for when we deploy our entire constellation,” they indicated from Amazon.

Kuiper to space

This is one of the first steps towards completing the so-called Kuiper project , consisting of launching 3,236 satellites into space to orbit a short distance from Earth and provide high-speed internet to all parts of the world.

Amazon has promised to invest more than 10 billion dollars in this project.

Former Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos is fascinated by space and has his own aerospace company, Blue Origin , which in July this year took him along with three other civilians – including his brother – into space .