Amazon will launch a device capable of monitoring the user’s breathing while sleeping

Tech giant Amazon  announced Halo Rise , a device capable of detecting the breathing patterns of the person closest to it.


Amazon  announced a new contactless device that can monitor a person’s breathing while they sleep and determine the quality of their sleep based on these patterns. The technology firm will include this device along with updates to its lines of voice-controlled devices and electronic readers.

As indicated by the Reuters agency report , the company behind the planet’s most important Internet buying and selling platform decided to name its new gadget Halo Rise and it will have a series of functions that will make it an interesting addition to the smart homes of people who buy it when it hits the market.

Halo Rise, the new Amazon gadget

From what the company pointed out, the Halo Rise device will be able to track the temperature of a room as well as the humidity in it and the light. However, its main function is to monitor the breathing patterns of the closest person to determine the reasons why they may or may not feel well rested once they wake up from sleep.

Like other major companies in the technology sector such as Apple and Alphabet – parent company of Google – Amazon decides to bet on health monitoring technology for its consumers by investing in this gadget. However, this has also generated certain problems with the authorities due to the data that this type of device can collect, such as the percentage of body fat and others.

A new device with which Amazon wants to clear concerns

Halo Rise will join Amazon ‘s fitness bracelet called Halo as part of its line of products focused on user health. The company mentioned that privacy is fundamental to its work, so this new sleep monitoring device will encrypt health data and does not have a camera or microphone.

The tech firm is exploring this sector more broadly, having announced last July that it would buy primary care provider One Medical for around $3.5bn. However, it should be noted that Amazon has ruled out that Halo Rise is a medical device per se and is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration .

Among other devices the company announced for its other product lines, Amazon revealed a new Kindle e-reader with a stylus to digitally annotate books. The company also announced updated versions of its voice-controlled home and car speakers as well as new Internet connectivity devices.