Amazon will raise Prime Video prices in September: how much will its plans cost?

Amazon Prime Video has confirmed a price increase for its plans starting in September of up to 40%.


Amazon  has confirmed to customers in Europe that it will raise the price of subscriptions to its Prime Video streaming platform starting in September.

As reported by users from Spain or the United Kingdom, the price will rise from September 15 for all those who have to renew their subscription on that day. That said, if the subscription renewal occurs before the 14th, there will be no price increase in that month.

The new prices of Amazon Prime Video

Spanish users report that the monthly subscription of Prime Video will go up one euro, going from costing 3.99 to 4.99 euros.

The annual subscription that Amazon Prime Video will have will rise by 13.90 euros, going from costing 36 to 49.9 euros per year.

The argument of the platform is that the price increase is due to “the increase in inflation to specific costs of the service and external circumstances of Amazon .”

Amazon Prime overall is going up

The price increase involves all of Amazon Prime, the company’s online store subscription service.

With it, the user can access shipments in up to 24 hours completely free of charge on selected products. In some countries, you can even pay a lower rate for delivery in just a matter of an hour or two.

In addition to the discounts, Prime also allows access to Prime Photos, a kind of cloud for photos and videos from Amazon, Kindle Prime, Prime Music and Prime Gaming, which gives you games and items monthly, as well as allowing you to watch Twitch without ads and subscribe for free to a channel every month. And of course Prime Video is one of the included services.

It’s still cheap

Amazon Prime Video , despite the increase, remains one of the most affordable services in Europe.

Its cost of 4.99 euros with the increase is still lower than that of Netflix (7.99 in its most basic plan), HBO Max (8.99) and Disney (8.99), although similar to Apple Tv +. The price increased in its annual fee, yes, it is now similar to that of HBO Max.

So far, Amazon has updated its Prime Video app with what would be its biggest redesign to date, changing the way we search for shows and movies. Likewise, it is one of those that includes the most series and movies, with great recent successes such as “The Boys”.