Amazon workers protest in the offices for the end of teleworking

Workers demonstrated outside Amazon ‘s headquarters in Seattle. Many say that this measure goes against the company’s policies against climate change.

Two large groups of workers came together to protest at the Amazon offices in Seattle for the end of teleworking in the company.

Through a live broadcast, the groups came together for the same cause and expressed their discomfort at the change from teleworking to returning to the offices for at least three days a week. His argument? It goes against the objectives of the company in its climate commitment.

No to the return to the offices

According to the workers, teleworking has allowed them to earn hours with their families and has saved them several hours a day in travel time from their homes to the offices.

They also point out that working at home has allowed them to reduce the number of cars in the home to just one, which is in line with the zero-emissions climate goals that Amazon has promised by 2040. Returning to the office would again mean they have to get a car . extra in their homes.

According to Amazon’s Employees for Climate Justice page, more than 1,900 employees have pledged to participate in this series of work stoppages and strikes.

amazon responds

Amazon spokesman Brad Glasser sent a statement to Engadget .

“We continue to strive to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040, and we have more than 400 companies that have signed our Climate Pledge. While we would all like to get there tomorrow, for companies like ours that are energy intensive and have very significant physical transportation, packaging and construction assets, it will take time to get there. We remain on track to reach 100% renewable energy by 2025, and we will continue to invest substantially, invent, and collaborate both internally and externally to reach our goal.”

The company reports that “they are happy with how the first month with more people in the office has been”. “There is more energy, collaboration and connections. We understand that it will take time to adjust to being here longer, but there are many teams in the company working hard to make this transition as smooth as possible.”

Of course, for Amazon only 300 employees of the more than 65 thousand corporate and technological employees participated.