AMD accidentally leaked its response to NVIDIA’s RTX Voice

AMD briefly posted a promotional video of its Noise Suppression feature to remove noise.


A video that was briefly posted, apparently by accident, by AMD has revealed that the company would be close to releasing its answer to RTX Voice .

Last week AMD posted on YouTube a video detailing the AMD Noise Suppression functionality .

The video was quickly made private, but was captured in poor quality by a user and reposted on Reddit .

What will AMD Noise Suppression provide?

The promotional video describes the functionality as “Intelligent audio enhancement delivered by a real-time deep learning algorithm, providing two-way noise reduction.”

AMD Noise Suppression will work in various apps and games, the video indicates.

Users will be able to use AMD Noise Suppression in the Adrenalin Edition software suite .

We will have to wait for the official release of AMD Noise Suppression to find out what its hardware requirements are. Will it work only with Radeon graphics cards or also with Ryzen CPUs and what generations?

What is RTX Voice?

This is a function that NVIDIA offers users to reduce noise using Artificial Intelligence .

In the beginning raw, NVIDIA has enabled its use with RTX series graphics cards , since the use of RTX Voice is more efficient with the Tensor Cores present in these cards. However, it is possible to use RTX Voice on some GTX cards in an “unofficial” way with a higher workload.

NVIDIA has a guide to downloading and setting up  RTX Voice .