AMD partners with Microsoft in the development of artificial intelligence processors

Both giants join forces to compete with NVIDIA , very well positioned in solutions for AI processing .


AMD is working with Microsoft on the development of artificial intelligence ( AI ) processors with the goal of competing in the market with NVIDIA , at a time when the demand for AI solutions is experiencing growth.

Demand for AI services has increased since the ChatGPT chatbot appeared , although some of this work is done in the cloud, some is dependent on the power of the hardware.

Two Giants Against Another Giant: NVIDIA

Currently, NVIDIA makes graphics processors that have AI capabilities , and as The Information shared in April, Microsoft is working on Athena, the project with which the US company seeks to make its own artificial intelligence chips .

Bloomberg has now reported that Microsoft has partnered with AMD for the development of processors with AI, according to sources familiar with the situation. It would be part of Athena’s works.

Although the intention would be to compete with NVIDIA , Microsoft would not stop collaborating with the latter, since its chips are the ones that help train and execute the artificial intelligence models .

Speaking to Bloomberg , Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw has denied that AMD is part of the Athena project , although he has acknowledged that it is “a great partner.”