American Theater Association wants Netflix movies to stop being exclusive

Executive of the country’s cinema association believes that Netflix  can grow again with the reopening of theaters.


The premiere of its productions on the big screen.

Netflix ‘s breakthrough cast doubt on the future of the big screen for years, but the streaming giant.

which is experiencing a progressive loss of subscribers, could benefit from the increasing return of moviegoers to the seats, according to John Fithian, head of the association. that groups the cinemas  of the United States .

“The doors of movie theaters have always been open for Netflix movies for years,” Fithian told AFP during the annual CinemaCon convention, which brings together the greats of the audiovisual industry in Las Vegas.

Fithian, head of the National Association of Theater Owners in the United States (NATO), said he had “several discussions” with Netflix ‘s chief content officer , Ted Sarandos, urging him to “see if productions work in theaters .”

“I’m not looking at stock prices. I’m just looking at the data. You can make more money, even as a streamer, if you show your best movies in theaters first ,” he said.

Releasing movies first on the big screen before putting them on content platforms contravenes Netflix ‘s successful business model , which put Disney and Warner on the run amid the so-called ” streaming wars .”

The platform had revolutionized Hollywood and the way audiences consume movies, spending huge amounts of money to lure stars away from traditional studios and keeping moviegoers on their couches.

But the loss of 200,000 subscribers – 0.1% of its total subscriber base – in the first half , announced last week, triggered panic in the stock market and sent Netflix stock down more than 30% in a single day.

The company announced several new strategies, including cheaper subscriptions with advertising .

Some of the major productions are screened in theaters on a limited basis in order to contend for Oscars, but the question that arises is whether they could consider a larger release on the big screen.

“I think the Netflix model can evolve in that direction. We hope it does,” Fithian said.

This would allow a movie to “stand out more,” the executive said, adding that “movies that go straight to streaming services get lost.”