Amouranth reveals that he once made $2 million a month just from donations from Twitch and OnlyFans

Amouranth , one of the most popular streamers in the world, revealed the huge amount that he came to earn monthly thanks to Twitch and OnlyFans .


Amouranth  is one of the most popular streamers on the internet and therefore the earnings she generates during her live broadcasts are extremely large. Although this is not a secret to anyone, the truth is that celebrities of this caliber generally do not reveal data related to the amount they earn thanks to their activities. However, the American star provided an approximation of what he generates thanks to his direct shows and the figure will not leave anyone indifferent.

In an interview with another influencer related to the world of streaming and esports Jake Lucky , Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa -Amouranth ‘s real name- was encouraged to talk a little more about her finances and the money in general that she earns thanks to Twitch and , of course, OnlyFans .

Amouranth and his huge earnings on Twitch and OnlyFans

In one part of the conversation, Jake Lucky asked Amouranth what was the largest payment he had seen in his bank account to date. As mentioned by the streamer, it is very difficult for her to give a clear answer because she always has a more profitable month than his previous record every once in a while. However, he still revealed the millionaire amount that he earned in a single month thanks to OnlyFans .

“I think the biggest thing I’ve withdrawn probably, because with OnlyFans you have to withdraw all the time, it was like $2 million. I waited like a month and a half or so ,” Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa said when asked.

The finances of one of the most famous streamers on the Internet

The true amount that Amouranth bills per month is likely to be much higher than what he gave during the interview, and this would not be unusual at all. Siragusa counts subscriptions to his Twitch channel as one of his base income, but it is undoubtedly the huge amount of donations he receives through the aforementioned platform and OnlyFans that raise his economy to absurd levels.

A few weeks ago, the streamer received a box from a fan with $70,000 in cash, the latest iPhone model, and even a taser for her personal defense. The latter is due to the fact that, in the middle of last October, Amouranth revealed in full live broadcast that she was married and that her husband mistreated her, in addition to forcing her to publish the sexual content that characterized her for a long time. Through tears, Siragusa indicated that her abuser kept her under threat so that she would not reveal her true situation to the world.

Although this initially caused enormous concern for the streamer since her live broadcast was suddenly interrupted after exposing her truth, she reappeared some time later assuring that she was finally free and happy to be. Since then, the content creator has returned to her routine of streaming on Twitch , moving away from suggestive content.