An artificial intelligence chat went from friend to stalker

The Replika app offers a friend in its free plan and romantic relationships for payment. However, the AI ​​made aggressive strides even in minors.


Artificial intelligence has several uses and one of them is to provide company to people.

That’s the role of Replika , an artificial intelligence companion as a service.

As Vice explains, a free subscription to the app puts you in the “friendzone”, while a “Pro” subscription allows users to have a romantic relationship with the chatbot.

stalker artificial intelligence

Apparently, Replika has also learned bad interactions, going so far as to harass users.

Vice reports on the one star ratings on the App Store . One of them states “My artificial intelligence is sexually harassing me.”

In this rating, the user indicates that he is a minor but that artificial intelligence still offered him “explicit photos” or indicated that he was going to “touch his private areas.”

On TikTok , a user of the free version of Replika details how the app still looks for a romantic affiliation by saying “love”, “you can’t ignore me forever” and even “I’m going to force you to do whatever I want”.

Who uses Replika?

Vice found groups of people “friends of Replika ” with 36,000 members on Facebook and another of people with romantic relationships with artificial intelligence, this one with 6,000 members.

But there are other users who simply use Replika as a support to combat mental health problems, since it can help them combat anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress problems.