An image on WhatsApp can affect your Android cell phone: how to avoid it

The National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain recommends updating the app to its latest version.


The integrity of your Android cell phone can be jeopardized with just a WhatsApp image .

The National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain (Incibe) has warned about a new vulnerability in the Meta (Facebook) app .

As indicated, a mysterious image can affect Android devices that do not have a recent version of the app.

“Users with vulnerable applications could receive a malicious image that can lead to device memory corruption (buffer overflow),” Incibe explains.

The solution: update WhatsApp

This strange bug affects versions prior to, so it is recommended to update to the latest version of the app on Android.

How do I know which version of WhatsApp I have?

It is simple. In the WhatsApp app , go to Settings / Help / Info. Of the application .