An iPhone fell from a plane taking off and astonished airport personnel who found it “flawless”

The conversation between an operator and the control tower was posted on YouTube .

The audio recording of the control tower at the Orlando, Florida airport reveals an unusual situation: an iPhone that survived unscathed from a moving plane.

It all starts with a warning to the control tower: “I have a pilot from Seminole (type of plane). which ensures that he dropped his iPhone on the landing strip ”, warns an operator, who also indicates that they indicated the exact location of the phone thanks to the GPS.

“It will be a good story for Apple if you turn it on and it works,” the control tower tells him after giving him permission to search for the iPhone of the pilot who has just taken off.

To the surprise of those involved, the iPhone worked and when the operator was asked how broken the screen was, he replied: “No, it is in perfect condition and it works.”

From the control tower they could not believe it: “In no way did an iPhone fall from a plane going at 80km / h or 96 km / h and its screen did not break,” they alleged from the control tower.

“I’m not trying to say you’re a liar, but I’ve never seen an iPhone fall more than 1.2 meters without breaking in half,” said the same person in surprise.


The iPhone model is not specified, but the video of the VASAvitation channel on YouTube had funny responses from users, assuring that it was the “Airdrop” function and that the fall of a Nokia 3310 would have required maintenance to the track.