An SSD was so well faked that it fooled Samsung’s software

The counterfeiters are taking advantage of the prestige of the Korean company .


Samsung is a brand that stands out in several categories. Apart from cell phones, televisions, household appliances and more, the South Korean giant is recognized for its storage units.

That’s why the Samsung 980 Pro Solid State Drive (SSD) is one of the most popular among enthusiast users for its reliability and speed.

These products are not free of counterfeits, including some that can cheat Samsung ‘s own software .

high level forgery

A Chinese user reported his story on the Baidu forums .

After finding the product in a second-hand market and at a price that did not seem unreasonable, the user carried out performance tests that provided speeds lower than those specified by Samsung .

When removing the sticker, he was able to notice that the SSD did not use Samsung’s own drivers.

The funny thing is that Samsung Magician , a software from Samsung itself , did not recognize the SSD as fake. Definitely a very well made fake