In the second season of And Just Like That… , the sequel series of Sex and the City , an old acquaintance of the fans will return.


John Corbett will reprise the role of Aidan Shaw , absent in the first season. Aidan was one of two Sex and the City characters not to appear in Season 1 alongside Kim Cattrall ‘s Samantha .

In April 2021, Corbett had stated that he maybe he would have participated in some episodes of the series, probably joking.

Michael Patrick King , creator and executive producer of And Just Like That… , explained why Aidan didn’t appear in the first season:

Everything has happened this season. We wanted to guide [Carrie] through [Mr. Big’s death] and into the light. The last episode is entitled “Seeing the light”. We wanted to get it out. [The Return of Aidan] is a story that everyone back home had written to each other, but which we never thought we would include.

John Corbett played the role of Aidan Shaw in the third and fourth seasons of Sex and the City . He and Carrie Bradshaw broke up twice over the course of the series, only to reconcile in season six, when it was discovered that Aidan had moved away and had a child in the meantime. The two finally reunited in the second film, Sex and the City 2 , accidentally finding themselves in a market in Abu Dhabi and exchanging a passionate kiss. But Carrie had run away because they were both married at the time. We’ll see if in the next season of And Just Like That… the old flame will rekindle and the “story that everyone wrote to each other” will coincide with the one that King will tell us.