Android 12 Beta 4.1 is released by Google with several fixes and improvements

Android 12 Beta 4 arrived with many new features for games , accessibility and some bugs. Beta 4.1 is now being released by Google with several fixes for the issues found in the last version that was released two weeks ago.

The Beta 4.1 version of Android 12 is identified by the SPB4.210715.014 build and already arrives with the August 2021 security package. Another interesting change is the API, which is now raised from 30 to 31.

Among the fixes found in Android 12 Beta 4.1 are improvements to Face Unlock and floating notifications, which were not working correctly in the last version.

Other fixes include:

  • Bootloop after restarting the device;
  • Volume controls not working properly;
  • Failure that did not allow you to connect to the internet using a VPN;
  • Permissions issues in the Phone app when making calls with Bluetooth-connected accessories;

Regarding this last flaw, Google claims that permissions for the Phone app can now be accessed and granted on the App Info page, which is available in Settings > Apps > Phone. It is enough to grant permission to Nearby Devices.

It is interesting to note that finally the use of VPNs will be possible on Android 12 Beta with this version, as the last update made it impossible to use this type of tool .

Android 12 Beta 4.1 is one of the most important versions released in recent months, as it is enough to consolidate the stability of the system, after all now developers can adapt their applications so that they are compatible with Android 12 in the release of the stable version, which should take place in September.