Android 13 has already arrived on Pixel phones: What news does it bring?

As usual, Google ‘s phone brand has the latest version of Android first .


Google has gone ahead and has officially released Android 13 , the new version of its operating system that arrives first on Pixel phones this August 15.

Android 13 was announced at Google I/O and has the unofficial name Tiramisu.

Android 13: What news does it bring?

Google has highlighted 13 great new features in Android 13 .

1. Material You continues to evolve, bringing more customization options even to non- Google apps , bringing them in tune with the theme of your choice.

2. Android 13 gives the possibility of assigning a specific language to apps individually to have the system in one language and the apps in others if you wish.

3. Android 13 ‘s media player will now change based on the music or podcast you’re playing.

4. Android 13 adds more features to set your bedtime, including visual changes to get your eyes ready to rest.

5. Added the ability to add specific photos and videos to share with an app.

6. As a security measure, Android 13 will automatically clear the clipboard if you add information like your email, phone, or credentials.

7. Android 13 will control notifications, since apps must have your permission to send them.

8. Spatial audio makes its way into Android 13 for a more immersive experience.

9. Google is further converging with its ecosystem, so it will soon be possible to continue your chat sessions from within apps on Chromebooks.

10. Android 13 adds support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) audio , which provides better latency and the ability to use multiple devices at once.

11. Other ecosystem integration. Soon it will be possible to copy a text, image, video or link from the phone and paste it on a tablet. Or vice versa.

12. Tablets have a new taskbar to make multitasking easier.

13. Another novelty for tablets with Android 13 . The palm of the hand and the stylus will be registered as different “touches”, this means fewer accidental touches when using a tablet, allowing users to simply rest their hand on the screen.

Android 13: When will non-Pixel phones get it?

Google said that later this year Android 13 will start rolling out to Samsung Galaxy phones , Asus , HMD ( Nokia ), iQOO , Motorola , OnePlus , Oppo , Realme , Sharp , Sony , Tecno , vivo , Xiaomi , and more.