Android 13 will close the door to notifications from apps with “unknown origin”

Android 13 will have this feature to ensure greater user security.


Android 13 will prevent the user from activating the permissions to receive notifications of applications that have been downloaded in unofficial application stores and outside of Google Play or the Galaxy Store , among others.

One of the novelties of the new version of the Google operating system , which is scheduled to arrive in the third quarter of the year, forces apps to ask the user for permission to be able to send their notifications. Even those from legitimate stores.

With this measure, the company seeks to stop malware attacks so that cyberattackers cannot access sensitive cell phone content and protect users from abusive application privileges.

In order to extend this security, Google has implemented a modification that will prevent users of Android 13 devices from manually activating the notification permission of applications downloaded outside of the official application stores.

Android 13 and its changes in notifications for “illegitimate” apps editor Mishaal Rahman has warned of this move and has shared a screenshot on his Twitter account . In it you can see the response that Android 13 will offer when the user tries to enable these notifications.

Within the ‘Settings’ section and in the ‘Notifications’ menu , a pop-up window will appear indicating that the activation of notifications has been restricted. “For your security, this setting is currently unavailable,” this message informs.

“This restriction is intended to prevent users from enabling dangerous permissions for apps they download outside of app stores, that is, through browsers or messaging apps,” Rahman said.

Rahman has indicated that he is unaware of the beta in which he has seen this new function and has recognized that it is a “very sensitive and powerful” application programming interface