Android 13 with ONE UI 5 on Samsung: compatible cell phones and estimated date

Updates to Android 13 will begin to arrive in December, according to information from the Samsung Members app .


Android 13 was announced in the second half of this 2022 and cell phone manufacturers under the Google operating system are already preparing their updates.

One of these manufacturers is Samsung , which has already published its update schedule to Android 13 with One UI 5 in Peru.

Unlike other years, Samsung has also included mid-range phones launched this year as part of the first group that will receive the update along with the high-end phones starting in December.

These are the Samsung models eligible to receive One UI 5 with Android 13 and the estimated date for the update.

Remember that these dates may vary if you bought your cell phone via operator.

Cell phones

ONE UI 5 with Android 13 is already reaching high-end models such as the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 4 these days.

📱Samsung Galaxy A33 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy A53 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G/LTE (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S21 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S22 (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S22+ (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy M32 (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy A32 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A51 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A52 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A71 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A72 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy S20 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy S20+ (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra LTE (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy M12 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy M22 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy M52 5G (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A12 (February 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A13 (February 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A22 (February 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A22 5G (February 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A23 (February 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A03 (March 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A03s (March 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A04s (March 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy A04 (April 2023)


📱Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra (December 2022)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3 (January 2023)

📱Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (February 2023)