Android AI: the new thing that will come to your phone

At the Google I/O event , Android 14 teased how it will personalize phones globally with Artificial Intelligence.


Android is the heart of billions of phones in the world, powered by Google and its developments. However, in recent years we’ve seen a sudden interest in customization, spurred also by the way iOS has learned to break free of more parameterized experiences in recent versions. Now, with the growing deployment of generative AI, Google took advantage of the I / O event to show the unpredictable level of Android customization since this 2023 version.

“Your phone should feel like it was made for you” was the phrase that pushed the Android team to improve customization capabilities, taking advantage of the benefits of generative AI and the flexibility of Material You since its announcement a couple of years ago.

Android AI: more personal and unpredictable

The Android 14 proposal will be the high level of customization under generative AI that will allow us to add the things that we really want to have in the background or in the color palette. To begin with, “Magic Compose” will allow us to give messages a more human and soulful touch, all pushed by Bard from the message suite

In addition, Material You extends to new personalization dimensions: now we can use the emoji kitchen to personalize our wallpaper and choose which ones to add to the wallpaper. Even the chosen emojis that take over our home will be able to react natively to our touches on the screen and be set under a specific color palette.

Compared to iOS, Android 14 will show a new customization layer to adjust the type of clock that we will have on the lock screen and the place it will occupy. In addition, it can be adapted to the color palette. Another detail is the arrival of a “cinematic” algorithm to give depth to our photos placed as wallpaper, playing with the perspective of the photo at all times while we move the phone.

IA wallpaper: one more step in customization

In an I/O plagued with AI innovations, it was impossible for Google to leave us without a share of generative algorithms to create, with text, images tailored to our needs and needs. By simply placing a piece of text, the team will create a custom background under the prompt out of nothing, as well as generate others with a single swipe.