Android: How to activate ‘Gesture navigation’?

Gesture navigation on Android enlarges the screen and makes it easier to use the phone with one hand. How to activate it?


Android offers many options to customize the user’s navigation , as well as allowing the design and buttons of the main screen to be modified.

The appearance of the applications, the use ofdirect access widgets and the installation of skins , third-party themes with characters, patterns or figures.

Gesture navigation on Android

In addition, it seems that Android has hidden hacks for user accessibility, as some secret tricks of the operating system have gone viral to activate amazing functions.

A very good function for mobile navigation is ‘navigation by gestures’ since it allows you to have a wide screen and eliminate the touch buttons, which on many occasions reduce its size.

Although it is not available in all versions of Android , most of the devices updated to date do have it and it is a very useful function for those who want to do without the annoying start buttons.

This Android feature  also makes it easy to use the cell phone with one hand, both for small devices where it is almost impossible to activate the functions, and for large phones.

How to activate gesture navigation?

Activating gesture navigation is very simple and will only require a few steps:

  1. Enter the phone settings and type in the search engine, system navigation
  2. Use the three-key navigation option
  3. Open the main menu where you can choose the touch buttons, Navigation Dock or gestures.
  4. Choose the last option ‘gestures’ and click on settings
  5. Choosing the gestures, you can learn to use them correctly through tutorials by clicking on the ‘try gestures’ option.

Depending on the version of Android, these steps may change, but in most of them the same buttons and functions are maintained, it is worth mentioning that some manufacturers eliminate this option, but it mostly occurs in older phones or little-known brands.