Android: What is ‘Digital Wellbeing’ and how to monitor the use of apps

One of the tools that Android adapted to be able to worry about its user and the time of use that they maintain on their mobile.


According to Google studies , in 2018, 70% of its users were concerned about digital well-being. 

For this reason, since that year it has provided a series of tools so that people with mobile devices , tablets or other devices that manage.

Android system can find help in their real and digital lives and thus find a balance between these two and at no time. be consumed by technology.For this reason, I created the “Digital Wellbeing” panel, a piece of software that has been slowly improving through each Android update .

What is ‘Digital Wellbeing’ about?

In different devices, information can be obtained about its use, for example, the frequency in which a cell phone is unlocked or how long it is in an application and which one consumes more. In this way, the user can recognize, through this information, how to improve their digital well-being and establish times or applications that allow them to program changes in their daily use of the cell phone. Through this, it seeks that people enjoy their lives more and spend less time on the devices, of course, it will also depend a lot on what uses you give to technology. The board will help manage this predetermined time.

How to find Digital Wellbeing on the phone?

The Digital Wellbeing control panel is located in the Android settings menu , this will allow the user to see how much time is spent on applications throughout the day, among other cell phone indications.

The board also allows the user two very important functions:

App timer

In this dashboard feature, Android sets time limits on apps that the user wants, even setting a timer. Through this, the device will remember from time to time that it is time to perform another activity.

Bedtime mode

Another benefit of the dashboard is to fulfill the proper sleep function and help the Android user sleep at night . Through the bedtime mode, the blue light of the cell phone stops staying active, thus helping to put down the cell phone and ensure that you meet your estimated hours of sleep.

Digital Wellbeing App

On the other hand, if the person wants to activate the Digital Wellbeing app, they can open the app from Settings, after that, they just have to activate Show Icon in the list of Apps and follow the next steps:

  1. Open the mobile Settings app
  2. Find and tap Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls
  3. In “Your digital wellbeing tools” the user must press Show Data.