Angry Birds: How many versions of the famous video game have you released?

The popular video game Angry Birds has 23 versions, all with features that attract the attention of users, know each one of them.

Angry Birds is a video game that belongs to the Finnish company Rovio , it was created in 2009 by two employees of the company, at first it was not well known, but in 2012 fame came to it and it became the most downloaded application that year in Google Play and App Store .

For that year, the app had one billion downloads and so far it remains in the number 1 position in best-selling games for mobile devices.

The popularity of Angry Birds was rising so fast that from 2012 the company decided to market products with the image of the figures of the birds. All over the world stuffed animals, costumes, toys, clothing, accessories and all kinds of merchandise began to appear.

Due to the great success that it managed to achieve, the creative company continued to release versions of the video game. Below we show you some of them.

The most famous angry birds in the world have more than 20 video games

The Angry Birds game is one of the simplest on the market, perhaps that was the determining factor that made people of all ages decide to play it, below you will see a list of some of the 23 versions that have come out:

  • Angry Birds : The first of all, published on the smartphone market in January 2010, that same year it was also released for PC and the following year for WII. Rumors said that it would also come out for PS3, but it was never seen.
  • Angry Birds Space : Perhaps the most famous after the first version, the company made it public on March 22, 2012, when the video game was entering its highest peak of fame, so sales of this version reached levels towering
  • Angry Birds Transformers: It was designed in collaboration with Hasbro in 2014, the same day it went on sale the company’s toys were also placed in showcases, what made it more peculiar was that if you bought a physical product you could scan it and connect it with the virtual world.

Angry Birds is a whole franchise, in 2016 a film adaptation of the video game was released, which featured the participation of several famous actors. Although it didn’t get great reviews, it certainly added recognition to what started out as a simple mobile game.