Another death: Google Duo joins Meet in a single video call application

Google ‘s Duo app will be merged with the main Google Meet video meeting app .


Google announces in a blog post that its Duo app will merge with Meet , the platform tasked with competing against Zoom . Google Meet allows G-Suite users (also known as business and enterprise users), as well as individual Gmail users , to set up and host their own video calls.

With this merger, Google hopes to solve some of the problems with modern communication tools. “What has been really important is understanding how people choose which tool to use, for what purpose, and under what circumstances,” says Javier Soltero, director of Google Workspace .

The tech giant hopes to be able to use Gmail addresses and phone numbers to bring the work and personal worlds together so you can “decide whether or not you want to be contacted, rather than having to manage all these different identities and deal with the consequences.” said Single _

Goodbye to Google Duo

Google Duo was the video calling app announced in 2016, the platform was available on iOS and Android to compete against FaceTime . However, despite surviving all these years, Meet has received more attention and it seems that Duo will go to Google ‘s app graveyard .

Users who have Google Duo on their smartphone will not need to download another app, just have the latest version and it will automatically become Google Meet once the merge is complete.

The company indicates that the changes will affect administrators of G Suite accounts and end users. “We are committed to making the transition from Duo to Meet as seamless as possible. Admins will receive an email detailing the impact on their organization,” says Google.