Empire has released a new photo of Janet Van Dyne ( Michelle Pfeiffer ) in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania .

As we know, Janet was trapped in the Quantum Realm for decades before her release, and she is familiar with this particular “microverse,” an actual universe that exists at the subatomic level.

Screenwriter Jeff Loveness already has experience with bizarre worlds, having worked on Rick & Morty , and compares the Quantum Realm to a famous film never made:

It’s a fun place. A limitless place of creation and diversity and alien life. It ‘s Jodorowsky’s Dune within Marvel.

Having been there for so long, Janet gets to know Kang ( Jonathan Majors ) and shares a history with him. Michelle Pfeiffer says :

In fact [Janet] has a history with Kang, and some unresolved issues. The Quantum Realm can change a person, and you can have a completely different life over there. It’s something she didn’t want to go into.

Kevin Feige adds:

[The film] revolves around how these five family members deal with this environment and the new reality of what their mother/grandmother had to go through, and the fact that she is a very, very well known freedom fighter in the Quantum Realm. . Something none of them knew about before they got there.

I remind you that in recent days we have seen the covers of Empire , the new photo of Kang and the first of Quaz , the character of William Jackson Harper . Furthermore, we have discovered that the total length of the film could be 125 minutes: if confirmed, it would be the longest chapter of the Ant-Man franchise. The release is expected on February 15th .

Meanwhile, you can see the photo below.

The picture